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As I stated previously, I was planning on recording Big Money Option sesults without engaging in any picks and have not participated much in their option alerts much in 2012.

There has been a recent development that is disturbing.

As a subscriber to Big Money Options, you would receive emails on trading days of their Daily Trader's Outlook.  The last one I received was on August 23, 2012.  I didn't pay attention when I didn't receive their email the following day or during the last week of August. Their actionable trades were never in those emails.

On September 9, I decided to visit the site because it had been a while since I had received an Options Alert or their Daily Trader's Outlook.  I received an error message on my browser reading "Firefox can't find the server at"  I tried Chrome and IE with the same result. 

 I never understood why they used this as a portal to their website instead of their own domain dot com.  I did notice that they had a different domain in one of the emails I received --  I typed this into my browser only to receive the same problem. It simply forwarded to which yielded the same "server not found error." I found out that also belongs to InvestorPlace Media and not to Andrew Houghton, Nick Atkeson, or Big Money Options.  Interesting note: their premium LIVE service is and it is a working site.  The live domain is also part of Investor Place Media.

I wound up calling the customer service line for Investor Place and was informed that the service was transferred to Traders Reserve (  I found it odd that I never received any notice in the change of service from InvestorPlace, Traders Reserve, or from the Big Money Options guys even though my subscription to their options newsletter is still active.

I tried calling the phone number for Traders Reserve (800-863-7650), but no one ever answers. You are allowed to leave a voice mail, but I haven't heard back from them yet. The email I sent to hasn't received a reply yet either.

The website claims that "Traders Reserve was formed with the goal of helping 'frustrated traders' by producing a new type of investing..."  Maybe it is just me, but it sure is frustrating when they don't answer the phone or reply to emails, and you don't hear from a service for over a month that you are actively subscribed to.

The Big Money Options facebook page hasn't been updated since May 7, 2012.  That entry was an update on the Big Money Options Weekly Trading Landscape.

I went to to and there is a link for Big Money Options. The link reads Home>Big Money Options and underneath it reads "There are no posts in this category."

This is an inauspicious debut on their relaunch with a different publisher..


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