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Joe Kunkle is founder of, a contributor to, freelance writer for the Investment U newsletter, and options trader. He has been trading options successfully for over 10 years.

Mr. Kunkle has an undergraduate in Finance from Bentley and a Master's in Investment Management from Boston University.

Combining his expertise in technical and fundamental analysis with unusual options activity, he discovers high reward/risk trading opportunities. On his site he tracks where the smart money is trading, but also provides insight into why the trade is taking place and how to piggy back the trade.  

Besides noting the institutional trading, Joe Kunkle also finds small lots of unusual options activity that are not institutional trades, as he has discovered that many of the insider trades by people that have material information are done in small sizes. This attention to these types of trades allows him to find trading opportunities in lesser known stocks.


On he has  been able to find profitable trades ahead of earnings releases, mergers and acquisitions, Analyst meetings, upgrades and downgrades, FDA data, and other events that move shares, and allow him to profit even more through the leverage provided with options.

He also uses complex option strategies to run a balanced portfolio.

His live trading chat room is where you can see his style and discipline in action. He provides a wide aray of live market analysis which includes swing trades, long term trades, monitoring of the goings on in the options market, market option trading strategies, conference call coverage, earnings preview, trading tools, intraday trades, and other trading strategies.

Joe also has instriutional trader and market moving trader contacts which allow him to provide crisp insight to what is going on with option trades that leaves everyone else scratching their heads.

Mr. Kunkle has traded over 5,000 stocks and is familiar with most of the names out there.

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