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Jon Najarian has an unbelievable schedule and he lives the dream. (update January 17, 2011)

Jon is on tv, radio and in print on a daily basis.  He is followed by the media and his calls on option moves are quoted by various sources like the Wall Street Journal and Reuters.

Doctor J optionmonster

His keeps a daily schedule that is beyond human. By his account, he is up by 4:15 and out the door less than 30 minutes later to work at the Chicago Board Options Exchange building in downtown Chicago.

Traffic for the North Side Chicago resident is light at this time of the day. He used to have a daily show called "Stocks & Jocks" on Chicago radio station 670 am The Score with co-host "The Chief" -- Tom Haugh another veteran of the CBOE floor that aired from 5-6 am.  


Archived shows (from July 15-November 17, 2008) can still be heard the last time I checked at  It was a great  show where they would comment on Chicago politics, sports, and the primary focus of options and field calls.  There was even a weekly segment dedicated to wine.  

The last show with the dynamic duo was November 17, 2008. Now he flies solo with his daily radio show that airs 7-8 central from downtown Chicago. 

Texas based picked up the show sans The Chief as co-host that airs live in three of the country's Top 10 markets - Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Anyone can hear a real time stream of the show on Jon Najarian talks about the financial markets and interesting option activity from the prior day and provides insight on what he might look at for the upcoming day. He presents the data in a way that the regular investor can understand. He also interviews various Wall Street types including sometime co-hosts Jeff Macke and Guy Adami from CNBC's Fast Money. There is a short audio recap on in case you miss the daily show.  Though as Jon Najarian likes to say, you miss a little, you miss a lot.

After the show is over there is less a half hour prior to the opening of the markets.  Weekly he does various interviews for CNBC, MSNBC, or local tv stations.  He then finds time to do one of his twice daily video blogs for the site as well as one of the twice daily video shows for the Chicago Board Options Exchange found on their site.  That video will be processed, edited, and distributed later in the morning, usually after the markets open on These blogs provide an insider's market insight. 

From 8:30 till after closing it is a busy day interpreting market options action to see what is actionable activity and head fakes in the trading landscape. He shares his expertise with his subscribers at He writes journal entries on this activity on his site along with his younger brother Pete.

During the trading day he will tape a 5 minute mid-session recap of option activity for  He discusses stock market activity, recaps on the VIX and VIXN, as well as interesting option activity on this show.  That show typically airs on before the close of the trading day and usually between 1-3 central time.

On a daily basis he also fields questions from the Wall Street Journal and other media sources for market activity. There have been many profitable trades given on the CBOE show (free to the internet community) over the years.

Somewhere during the trading day he will communicate via a satellite feed with CNBC on market activity at least twice a week. He will also fill in his brother's spot on CNBC in New York City from time to time.

It is amazing to see how the option markets react when he makes a CNBC appearance during market hours and gives insight to activity he is noticing in the options world.  Volume will spike in the option he highlights immediately after. I have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars in options purchased in the options he discusses in the first hour following his mention.

After the markets close he will do shoot another video segment for his site. He also does a trader talk segment for First Business.

He then makes his way through traffic to commute back home to spend time with his family, review earnings reports, and grab some dinner before it is time to recharge the batteries for another day. Jon Najarian goes to sleep about the same time as most second graders -- 8:30.

He does this every day!  There was a long stretch where he didn't take a day off before he finally headed to Italy for a well deserved vacation with his family for a week.  Even during this time he still communicated to the millions of followers via CBOE tv to keep listeners abreast of market activity as well as the great Italian food. A Doctor J version of Venimus, Vidimus, and we ate.

Even when he is on the road making appearances at the Money Shows held several times a year across the country, he still fulfills his obligations to his loyal followers on the web site, tv, and radio.  He sometimes flies to New York to take his brother's spot or fill in for one of the other regulars.

He also makes time to meet subscribers to his site 3-4 times a year in Chicago.

Doctor J lives and breathes options.  He is very eager to share his expertise on this subject to the millions that listen to him every day. He is one of the lucky ones that gets to live the dream every day.


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