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I decided to update the Jon Najarian story that previously appeared. (previous story that appeared on Doctor J)

Jon or Doctor J is still on tv, radio and in print on a daily basis, but the venues have changed just a bit.

Doctor J optionmonster

His daily schedule is still crazy. He is in bed before most grade school children and is awake a shade after 4 in the morning to get to work in downtown Chicago.

His daily Stocks and Jocks radio show that was broadcast from Chicago's The Score and went on hiatus when Doctor J went on's airwaves is back on live from Chicago.  They now broadcast from 1240 am and 1470 am in Chicago Heights.  That daily show is still called "Stocks & Jocks" and his co-host "The Chief" -- Tom Haugh is back and airs daily for an extended time of 5:30-7 am.  Doctor J is listed as a co-host, but he is not in studio on a daily basis.


Doctor J makes an occasional in studio appearance about once every couple of weeks and might call in his contribution that may last a couple of segments three times over that same fortnight.

The Chief is there every day with Matt Webber. Unfortunately for Mr. Webber, he is not listed in the hosts informational page.

The Stocks and Jocks Show returned in September of 2009 after some weird going ons at Texas' based bizradio.  The owner of, Dan  Frishberg sent an email to registered listeners that someone was trying to take his radio station in some sort of sham. The end result was the website was up, but all radio programming including Doctor J's hour of power was no longer broadcast.

You can still listen to archived shows from the September 2009 revival at  It is still an entertaining show where they cover Chicago politics, sports, and the primary focus of options and field calls.  They have a weekly segment dedicated to wine.  

My guess for the low input from Jon on the radio show is due to the increased demand for his tv appearance specifically CNBC.  He sometimes does satellite contributions to Fast Money where his nickname is The Monster, his brother Pete is goes by the Pit Boss on the show.

Increasingly though, it seems that the Doc is also on set in New York in Times Square. So he is flying to NYC on a frequent basis.

Before the market opens he does one of his two segments for CBOE-TV that is broadcast on  The morning segment is a minute or two covering the market called Market Morning and is done before the market opens.  The afternoon segment is called the CBOE Options Report and is a bit longer, three-four minutes, recapping the markets at midday and providing unusual options activity.  Market Morning is a call-in venture and the afternoon segment is typically a video segment filmed from the CBOE floor. There isn't an exact broadcast time for the Options Report show.

I would suggest checking out the In the Money show with Angela Miles that comes out late in the morning.

Weekly you might find him being interviewed on MSNBC or on local Chicago tv.  It has been a while since he did the daily video blogs for the  Those blogs have been replaced by timely updates via his twitter feed --  I am surprised by the number of twits he will send out a day.  You can also get some "insider only" views from the twitter feed with the occasional pic of the Fast Money set or CME floor.

From 8:30 till after closing it is a busy day interpreting market options action to see what is actionable activity and head fakes in the trading landscape. He shares his expertise with his subscribers at He writes journal entries on this activity on his site along with his younger brother Pete.

On a daily basis he also fields questions from the Wall Street Journal and other media sources for market activity. There have been many profitable trades given on the CBOE show (free to the internet community) over the years. Once in a blue moon, viewers of the CBOE Options Report show have been given information before subscribers to Optionmonster might have seen the story.

He has a weekly two hour radio show heard on XM called Stox N Jocks.  This show has his brother Pete Najarian and another fellow monster and Fast Money panelist Guy Adami.  You can't hear the show on Sirius, but you can hear the podcast or listen directly on your pc.

It has been a while since he or Pete Najarian has been on First Business.  I am not sure why that relationship ended.

He then makes his way through traffic to commute back home to spend time with his family, review earnings reports, and grab some dinner before it is time to recharge the batteries for another day. Jon Najarian goes to sleep about the same time as most second graders -- 8:30.

He does this every day!

Even when he is on the road making appearances at the Money Shows held several times a year across the country, he still fulfills his obligations to his loyal followers on the web site, tv, and radio. hasn't offered the Monster for a Day for quite some time now. They have substituted that event of having subscribers come to Chicago with the monsters going out to meet the people in different large markets 2-3 times a year called Invest like a Monster.  The three monsters, the two Najarian brothers and Guy Adami, have been at the most recent events. What is exciting about some of these events is they have shown the Monsters trading live so you get actionable trades. This doesn't always happen though.

From time to time, Doctor J will be the lead in webinars offered for free on the site.

Doctor J lives and breathes options.  He is very eager to share his expertise on this subject to the millions that listen to him every day.


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