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I was equally surprised to see that no alert to sell was issued that day. Remember, alerts to close part or the entire position arrive by email. Opening option alerts are only issued during the trading room session.  

Three weeks passed before the stock price in the restaurant name exceeded the first trading day high price following the SAC Capital holding news.  By this time, time decay had dwindled the value of the stock option.  A recommendation to close the position at a loss was issueda month to the day following the news which I figured was the catalyst for the unusual options activity.

It seemed obvious to me that this was the reason for the options activity and why not just move on to the next name.

Another negative is you have to call the customer service line to cancel the account.  There should be a way that you can cancel the subscription at any time just like one can sign up online for the service at any time.  There were no high pressure tactics to convince me to stay.  The person simply canceled my account and told me how much credit I would receive on my card.

Another item that I wasn't fond of, and perhaps it is a very minor point, was for the May 2011 Money Show in Vegas both Nick Atkeson and Andrew Houghton did not conduct trading room sessions for that week. Since there are two people offering the service, it seems that it only takes one to conduct the trading room call.  I am not saying they both shouldn't attend the Vegas show.  It is clear that they are billed as a team, but as a subscriber I am paying for actionable option trades. They could have conducted the call during an off time and again you only need one to produce the trading session.

This all goes back to their insisting on dishing out opening option trades during the trading room sessions only and at the set time of 12:30 eastern.  No opening trades were issued that week for Live members, but subscribers were not given a free week while Nick and Andrew attended the show trying to sign up more subscribers. No opening option trade alerts were issued for the heavier subscribed regular version of Big Money Options either.

As previously mentioned, you receive a trading room ID. Others on the call can see your ID name. There were as few as 40 people in the trading room session and as many as 90.  The number seemed to spike following a Money Show or similar type of of event.

It is interesting to note that several people asked during a Big Money Options Live session why there weren't as many recommendations with the regular service.  I was thinking the same thing at the time.

They explained that they were looking at the portfolio with that product and wanted to get rid of some of the non-performers before giving out new recommendations.  The last two trade alerts with the regular Big Money Options service were very short term holdings (less than a week each).

Before the relaunch of the Big Money Options Pro to Big Money Options Live in December of 2010, there were more trade recommendations given.  Sometimes there there two or three a week.  It was rare to receive three, but it did happen. In 2011 it seems that the theme is you can count on one option trade recommendation a week.

Overall, Big Money Options Live is a good product.  I think the better value still exists with the regular version of Big Money Options.  I feel that LIVE could be a stronger product if they made some adjustments to the service.

My guess is they are married to doling out option trade recommendations in the LIVE trading room to distinguish it from the regular version.  There were too many times when I was already in and sometimes out of the name once the option came up in the Big Money Options Live trading room.

It has been rare when this has happened to me with the regular version of Big Money Options.





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