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As with the Optionmonster service , one of the blockbuster trades with Option Trader was Aquantive in 2007.  Jon Najarian mentioned the unusual activity in this advertising agency about 3 weeks before Microsoft made the stunning announcement that they were buying the company.  The options went from 50 to $30.00. If you had committed $2,000 on this trade, you would have netted almost $118,000.00.

Even if you weren't greedy, these options appreciated in price by 100% within days of the option recommendation and then fell back down to the original buy in price as the expiration date neared.

During 2005-2007, there were quite a few option alerts that doubled your money the same day or within two trading days and one that tripled your money in that same time period.  Usually you had to wait a week and one took four weeks to materialize.


From 2005 to late 2007, I had a high rate of success with Changewave Option Trader. I wasn't always looking for the money doubler which most option experts look for.  I was just looking for the money profits which sometimes meant 25-50% return on a few days of holding the option.

Beginning in late 2007 there was a shift in recommendation styles with Changewave Option Trader. Instead of the option alerts suggesting the purchase of an outright call or put and being naked, almost every option alert was the more conservative bear put spread or bull call spread. It was also more thorough with email follow ups on points of exits on all trades.

I am not sure why the change up in recommendation style. The naked options alerts worked so much better for me. My guess is that the service wasn't working for those investors accustomed to staying with an option looking to double and triple their money and they probably complained with their feet. I also got the impression that there were some subscribers that couldn't get in at the suggested buy price and they would wait for a pullback that didn't come. I stopped keeping track of the options after I got out with a profit.  So I am not sure if some of these option recommendations turned sour after I got out with the smaller 25-50% gains.   (continued)