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If you are a subscriber to Action Alerts or Stocks Under $10 then you know how much volume is seen in a stock after the email goes out by the aforementioned services.  At the time, the Options Alerts was just the opposite -- hardly any volume.  I was suspicious that I was the only one reading or receiving the email alerts. 

The losers outpaced the winners by a rate of 55%-45%. When the rate is this, you need the winners to be very successful and not just 50% winners to offset the losers. You also need to establish a tighter leash with losses and cut and run if your position is worth 70% of your entry price. don't have as much wiggle room and if you are going to be d I was disappointed that there were email alerts that would mention closing out at market price instead of providing some guidance by suggesting a limit exit price even though it wasn't expiration day.  I don't know if they knew that they had so few subscribers, but I expect more guidance with option picking services.  All recommendations to establish a new position included a limit price.

Providing alerts outside of market hours has never made sense to me.  You create an environment for potential abuse by a rogue subscriber because they can post the advice on a stock's message board and hurt other subscribers chances of getting in at a good price.  I feel that providing alerts during market hours minimizes this potential since all subscribers get the same alert at the same time.

I would be willing to try the service again if I were looking to pick up a new service. I think the Option Alerts subscriber base is larger now that Steven Smith has left and Jud Pyle is on board. The 30 day trial if you pay the yearly fee is tempting. Update I tried Cramer's Options Alerts with Jud Pyle.

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