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Most main street investors would probably confuse Ken Trester with being their brother-in-law's CPA or a rocket scientist.  He has that look and there is no doubt that he is one of the smartest people involved with options today. Most investors don't know that Ken Trester has been trading options for over 35 years -- as long as the options exchanges have been opened.

I took advantage of the 90 day risk free trial of his Option Profits picking service with no success. I got involved in his first ten option recommendations that were all losers. For the rest of the trial period I kept track of his option picks and just watched to be fair since every equity picking service will hit a bad streak. I was lucky that I stopped committing capital to his picks since the majority, over 75%, were losers during the time I tried the service.  

His option picking philosophy is getting in on an option, whether it is a put or call, at a good price and with a great risk/reward ratio.  Sounds like a smart thesis.

The biggest problem I had with Ken Trester's service is he doles out his picks outside of market hours. Usually the email alerts took place following the close of the equity markets.  He normally provided two picks in his alerts with the option symbol included, but there isn't trading outside of market hours with options so you had to wait with everyone else till the next day to participate in his recommendation.

I liked that his service was about buying the outright put or call and there were no spread trade suggestions. Providing the option symbol in the option alert was fine, but since there was at least twelve hours before the market opened you had plenty of time to look it up or at the very least confirm that it was the correct symbol for the option.

You would see the expected spike in volume in his picks at the beginning of the day, but they were nowhere near the spikes you see from Optionmonster or Changewave's Option Trader services and the buying would not last anywhere near as long.

Based on the poor track record when I sampled the product, I could not recommend this service to anyone. Certainly your experience could be different and I may have caught him in the "mother of all" bad streaks.

Since I have a ton of respect for Mr. Trester with  his brilliant analytical mind and his four decades of expertise with options, I would consider giving his option picking service another shot if they provided option alerts during market hours and if I knew of people doing well with his service.


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