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Inside Options is their main product.  They say you will get 3-5 ideas per day via email and the idea is posted to the blog. I find that you get more than 3-5 ideas per day.  When an idea is posted you will hear a swoosh on your computer so that everyone knows about the idea at the same time and then you get an email alert.  Sometimes the email alert arrives first, but it all takes place within the same minute.  This feature has been around for a while and is a great improvement over the old days when there were no email alerts and no audio alert and you had to periodically hit refresh to see if a new entry arrived.

With this service you can even email one of the Najarian brothers.  They won't always respond, but I don't know of another service that will give you this kind of access. I've even received e-mails after market hours from them.  Sometimes they will include the nature of the email in future blog entries if they feel it can help other subscribers.

One of the great items that they added to the option newletter service is the ability to interact with other subscribers. When an idea is posted to the blog you and other users can add your two cents. Some subscribers discuss other stocks and options activity or they will ask the Najarians questions about the recently added post.  Other subscribers have shared which brokerage services they use, what they like about their online broker, and if they acted on the last recommendation, size of the order, and entry price. For the most part, the other subs ideas are not useful and I would never act on it. My hope has always been that the Najarians aren't spending much, if any, time reading blog comments since I am paying for their expertise to interpret data, not to read blog entries.

Previously their site would tell you how many posts were on the blog at any given time during the day, although you must be a subscriber to have read them.  Those numbers were inflated because posts especially those before the market opens are related to news and not trade ideas. I have seen times where there were 10 posts before the stock market opened and it was related to Goldman Sachs Conviction list add and drops, stock earnings, and the like. This is a feature they removed from the free portion of the site.

Periodically and at least twice a year, Optionmonster has a Monster for a Day program where you go to Chicago and see the operations, visit the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), get a quick tour with a trader leading the way, ask questions on the tour, have lunch, meet fellow subscribers, and meet Jon. There is no extra fee to go, you have to pay your way to get to Chicago of course and you have to be an Optionmonster subscriber and respond before the session fills up.

I went to a Monster for a  Day and had a great time.  This was back in the day before they had the interactive feature on the web site  and when both Jon and Pete Najarian were working in Chicago. So I was able to get a picture with both of them.

I have found that their blog service has the ability to move option activity more so than anyone else.  So I suspect that they have a large subscriber base.  There have been times where after a blog entry, the volume for the option was 50% of what it was for the day leading up to the blog. So if before the blog posted, the volume for a particular option for the day was 10,000 contracts then their blog added another 5,000 and sometimes even more. (continued)

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