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The sales person shared with me that there is a limited number of seats with this service.  I suspect that it is limited to the number of subscriptions they can sell and I doubt that they have ever told anyone interested in an investment product "I can't sell you that product because it is oversubscribed." I think it is just a sales technique to get a decision from you to act on the offer.

You can expect two to four recommendations per month with the service, but sometimes you might get one or two additional recommendations per month.

Another product in the Schaeffer's family is Event Series which is another options picking service and is also for aggressive traders. This product concentrates on important events like earnings releases, upgrades or downgrades, and major company events. Although I was not as successful with this product as with Players, I found the service to be profitable and worth the price.

The picks were all buys of puts or calls and no spreads which is what I prefer.  Typically the options were more expensive than $1.00 and had slightly more time till expiration (25-40 days) than the Players recommendations.

It is important to note that with Event Series, they acted with options after the earnings release which is good since the volatility that had previously inflated the option prices had already come out on the option price.  My experience has shown that getting in on option earning plays before earnings are released have a low rate of success.  They issue 2-4 alerts per month.

Another product from the Schaeffer's family plays exclusively on option earnings plays. I didn't have success with this one and only tried it for one earnings season. If you have call options prior to earnings, the price of the option is pumped up because of the unknown factor of earnings.  I saw time after time where even if you had calls prior to earnings and the company beat the number, issued strong guidance, and the stock price went up after earnings, the call price went down because the volatility quickly came out of the option price. So you had call and put buyers as losers.

My experience has shown me to stay away from option earning plays in general and it is not a knock on this product. I have not participated in option earnings plays regardless of the service -- Optionmonster, Changewave Option Trader, or another. With this being said, I have had big winners with option earnings plays with RIMM and TSM. TSM was a pick with another service (not Schaeffer's), and the option went from 30 to 50 the same day and with two weeks left till expiration. A few days later, the options were back to 30 the day TSM was to release earnings after the close of the equity markets.  (continued)

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