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Optionshawk Updated review

Another new entrant in the options recommendation services is optionshawk.com.  They have a free portion on their site as well as subscription based services.


I haven't tried the subscription based services at optionshawk.com.

I was amazed by the amount of real time information given for free on the site. Optionshawk.com provides a blitz of data and mostly stock option related. There is also news on natural gas inventories, upgrades and downgrades, earnings, market technicals, and the like.

The stock options related data lets you know that a particular stock just had a large block of calls or puts traded, at times an observation on IV (implied volatility) for those particular calls or puts, and stocks that are part of the daily chatter.

There were many instances where optionshawk is timely with getting the information out.  A good example is finance.yahoo.com provides option pricing data that is about 15 minutes dated. There were many times where a stock option mentioned on optionshawk was thousands of option contracts traded ahead of the data on yahoo finance.


A recent example had to do with a bank stock option where the front month with one day to go to expiration had significant movement and volume -- two times the Open Interest and a four fold increase in price from the day before.  The one month out had significant option activity at various strikes. When optionshawk provided the data, yahoo finance showed less than 2,000 options traded at a particular strike. Real time data showed that there were over 5,000 contracts that had traded at that same strike price.  That number climbed to over 12,000 contracts an hour later.

Depending on the time of day and activity in the markets, there can be more than 30 entries an hour. This is on the free side!  

I was able to make several small profitable trades in a row based on the  information the site provided with every trade being profitable. I used the information provided and decided which ones to act on.  He was not saying on the free portion of the site -- this is a pick suggested to subscribers earlier. Please note your experience could be different.

The writing is geared towards everyone.  There is information on the greeks for the hard core options enthusiast, observations on butterflies, calendar spreads, collars and strangles, but it is also presented so that the every day investor can understand.  You pick up rather quickly that he is knowledgeable in reference to options.

Joe Kunkle who provides the daily live option chat even field questions from guests, although I prefer that he just provide the data. However when he does post questions or comments from readers of the blog it is timely and valuable information. The way the option chat room works is he moderates what is posted on the blog, so someone can't bombard the blog with idle nonsense like a typical chat room or message board so you don't see everyone's question or observation.  I know from personal experience that they don't include everything that people post.  You can submit a question or comment at the bottom of the blog and they decide whether to include it in the blog.

The huge positive is optionshawk is a gold mine for stock option information. He is a master of the soft sale and he doesn't push their subscription based service down your throat.  After doing a little research, I discovered the gentleman behind optionshawk.com, Joe Kunkle, is a frequent writer for seekingalpha.com.  That online service of market data and observations has over 1.7 million unique visitors monthly at the time of this review.

There is no reason not to check optionshawk.com out.

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