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Optionshawk Review

On June 29, 2009, optionshawk.com went to a subscriber based site.  The daily onslaught of free information on activity in the options world was no longer offered like before


Optionshawk.com does provide free updates on options activity on their site, but delays the release of the information by 48 hours .

A daily freebie or to is offered on the site.

If you visited the site before June 29, 2009, you recall that you were able to ask Joe questions about options activity. Unfortunately that access is now reserved for subscribers only -- which clearly makes sense.

I would suggest going to the optionsradar portion of the optionshawk.com site to get an idea of how the options ideas are presented. There is no charge to view the delayed information.

It is an amended format of the ideas with commentary, evidence of options activity, and charts in a pdf file.

Since the information is delayed, I am not sure that you should trade on the information, but it does provide you with compelling information as to whether you should use this service.

You can also follow Joe Kunkle's option observations at www.twitter.com/optionradar

There is no reason not to check optionshawk.com out.

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