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Recently while doing a search on options, I came across optionsizzle.com.  What struck me immediately was the similarity of web design, language, and content to optionmonster.com Updated review on optionsizzle  Another Update on Optionsizzle 2

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I almost thought I had typed optionmonster.com by mistake in my browser.

I read a few of the articles and felt that it was eerily similar to the Najarian's way of presenting option information.  Every article I read was lifted from Optionmonster. This is my conclusion after looking at the site for a week.

Further reading showed that they offered similar subscription services to optionmonster at a discounted price.  For example, the premium service which is the same as optionmonster's inside options  for $395.00 vs $495.00 and their intro price is $99.00 for the first month. It is tempting at $99.00 since it seems they are taking the Najarian information and packaging it as their own. I suppose you could say it was convenient that they titled their services like optionmonster does

Please note that I did not try this optionsizzle service and I would strongly caution against using the service since it appears (thought it hasn't been proven) that they are using copyrighted material from optionmonster's service.

I don't think the Najarians take kindly to people selling their proprietary info to others.

On April 8, 2009 in Illinois Federal District Court, Optionmonster filed suit vs Optionsizzle LLC, Josh Matthew Belanger, et al.  

To be fair there has been overlap in the suggestions by other option services (like Schaeffer's and Change Wave) in the past, but it isn't common and doesn't take place daily.  With optionsizzle, you can predict what their next story will be by taking a gander at the optionmonster site.

The one thing that optionsizzle does, that is a compliment, is their indepth daily review which is usually over 10 minutes in length.  You never see the presenter "Josh".

The negatives: as stated before it appears they are taking the Optionmonster data and presenting it as their own.  This is against the OM's terms of service. There is a case in federal court that will decide the issues.

I also noticed that after posting and time stamping their entry which had already appeared on Optionmonster.com, they went back and adjusted the time so that it appeared they came up with the idea first.  This act was noticed by others as well.

You don't know what the optionsizzle.com credentials are.  No where on the site is there info on the trader(s) involved with the site and what their trading history and background is.  Regardless if they are a new entry into the options suggestion market, every service gives a bio and picture of the team members involved.

I searched the yahoo finance boards and discovered that there were numerous entries by a few usernames that simply posted the links to the optionsizzle stories and that is it. I couldn't find an entry where they contributed to a discussion.  Apparently I wasn't the only person to pick up on this.

Again the suggestion is to stay away from this one. There are too many issues here and you want to go with a service that presents original ideas.  Updated review on optionsizzle  Another Update on Optionsizzle 2

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