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I noticed not long after writing the optionshawk review that items that were blogged about at optionshawk.com appeared on optionsizzle.com.

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So the apparent pattern of lifting other people's ideas, observation, and expertise and presenting it as their own is still going on at optionsizzle.com.

I am not trying to be unfairly hard on optionsizzle.  It is simply an honest observation.

Following the blog on optionshawk.com allowed me to see the observations of the author there in real time. I went back to optionsizzle and noticed the same entries I had seen hours before on optionshawk were now appearing on optionsizzle.com.

As stated earlier, there is overlap from time to time on option suggestions and observations, but this doesn't take place on a daily basis with legitimate options newsletters. On a daily basis you will find option observations on optionsizzle that already appeared on the blog at least two hours earlier on optionmonster and optionshawk.com.

Seeing the delay in the presentation of information leads a reasonable person to believe the ideas and observations are not optionsizzle's, but someone elses.  This is a big problem for me.

If you go to optionshawk.com and read the blog, you can see that the ideas are presented in real time due to the options activity.  Let's say they blog about ABC in real time that there is heavy institutional buying of the front month out of the money calls, you can immediately go to Yahoo Finance and see that the volume hasn't been accounted for since they run on a delay in option activity of 15-20 minutes. You can go to your broker's site to confirm that the option activity is accurate since the broker has the option data in real time.  

By the time you see it on optionsizzle, the information is very old.  You know the credentials of Optionmonster and optionshawk which are apparently the biggest sources for the "information on optionsizzle.

I am not the only one to pick up on the presumed lifting of information. Below is what was found on Yahoo Finance a while back.

IRe: OCR seeing unsuaul option activity on WAG rumor 17-Apr-09 07:18 pm

Yes, Sizzle is a major content thief....

I had this on my site's Options Radar at 9:49am:

4/17/09 9:49am****
Omnicare (OCR) implied volatility soared from 65% to 88% on rumors that Walgreens (WAG) is looking to buy the company for $42 a share and the deal is imminent, with shares at just $25.20. Traders targeting the May $25 and $30 calls. Update: Action faded quickly, and then began to pick up again with aggressive bulls buying May $30 calls at the offer on wide spreads. Late in the day more call buyers came in in the largest sized blocks.


Optionsizzle presented the idea at 11:08 central on their site and Yahoo Finance boards are eastern time stamped. Optionshawk also uses eastern time on their site. So in this case, two hours and twenty minutes passed before the information went up on the optionsizzle site.  This delay is par for the course with optionsizzle.

With the likely theft of information and lawsuit against it by optionmonster, I say there is no reason to subscribe to optionsizzle.  I would say subscribe to where he is getting his information -- optionmonster and optionshawk.com.

Another Update on Optionsizzle 2


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