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One fount of information for optionsizzle seemed to have dried up recently. On June 29, 2009, Optionshawk adjusted the services offered from the original all free site to a subscriber based with some free information.

The reason that it applies to optionsizzle is it was apparent that optionsizzle.com was reposting information from optionshawk and optionsmonster and presenting it as its own original material.

I went to the optionsizzle site and noticed a big drop in "ideas" that coincided with optionshawk shutting off the access to free information.

Optionsizzle would provide a few daily observations on their site for a long time, but starting with June 29, 2009, the launch date of optionshawk.com's subscriber site, the "ideas" went to one per day the first three days of that week.

Almost a full week passed between the last observation on July 1 of one idea and a follow up on July 7 of a single idea. There weren't anymore observations the rest of that week.

I would strongly caution against using the optionsizzle.com service since the ideas are not of the site owner, but merely a repost from others that have the experience and knowledge of options activity.

By the time you see it on optionsizzle, the information is very old.  You know the credentials of Optionmonster and optionshawk which are apparently the biggest sources for the "information on optionsizzle.

Below is a repost on the Finance Yahoo message boards:

IRe: OCR seeing unsuaul option activity on WAG rumor 17-Apr-09 07:18 pm

Yes, Sizzle is a major content thief....

I had this on my site's Options Radar at 9:49am:

4/17/09 9:49am****
Omnicare (OCR) implied volatility soared from 65% to 88% on rumors that Walgreens (WAG) is looking to buy the company for $42 a share and the deal is imminent, with shares at just $25.20. Traders targeting the May $25 and $30 calls. Update: Action faded quickly, and then began to pick up again with aggressive bulls buying May $30 calls at the offer on wide spreads. Late in the day more call buyers came in in the largest sized blocks.


Optionsizzle presented the idea at 11:08 central on their site and Yahoo Finance boards are eastern time stamped. Optionshawk also uses eastern time on their site. So in this case, two hours and twenty minutes passed before the information went up on the optionsizzle site.  This delay is par for the course with optionsizzle.

With the likely theft of information and lawsuit against it by optionmonster, I say there is no reason to subscribe to optionsizzle.  I would say subscribe to where he is getting his information -- optionmonster and optionshawk.com.



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