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(updated February 26, 2014)

Trader Andrew Keene brings his trading expertise to the public by offering his premium service Keene On The Market or

Andrew Keene may be familiar to those that watch the financial news channels. He frequently appears on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, CBOE-TV, Canada's BNN, and First Business News.

He has traded stocks, options, futures, and commodities for oever 10 years. Prior to moving his trading operations upstairs he was an independent floor trader at the CBOE and for four years was the largest trader and market maker in Apple. He was also a market maker in over 10 dozen other stocks.

His premium keene on the market service offers a live trading room service.  You hear his trading ideas as they happen with his entry. The trading ideas are mostly stock and option picks.

For those that like freebies, you can access Keene's unusual options activity and options educational videos on his site and you can view his daily freebies by following his twitter handle of KeeneOnMarket. Yes, his twitter handle is slightly different from the domain name.  You can even sign up for a free day's access of the live trading room.

I was impressed with the live trading room because you get access to a trader who has an established trading record. Even a non subscriber can ask questions in the room. He goes over his trades and reasoning behind them. With Keene On The Market Live Trading Room, you get to hear over 4 days of audio and market analysis by Andrew Keene. There is also the interaction factor that can't be discounted. The biggest value of the room is the access to Andrew. As a Live Trading Room subscriber, you can private message or email Andrew anytime you want.

Keene's Live Trading Room is a great value, but I prefer his premium twitter feed service. The premium twitter fits my schedule better.  He also offers an email alert service that is separate from the premium live room and twitter service if that works best for you.  The way Keene's premium twitter service works is you get all the trading ideas that were distributed in the Live trading room without delay.

I subscribed to's premium twitter in late November 2011. This was after his incredible trading idea on ACADIA Pharmaceuticals (symbol ACAD).  In mid-Nobember I jumped aboard $ACAD calls before Andrew Keene mentioned it on his free twitter handle for a decent gain. On Black Friday, he talked about the pending FDA ruling in the Live trading room and on Monday he mentioned a call fly position on his twitter feed which I signed up for.

I went for a straight position of the December 2.5 calls that day. The next day, those calls popped and I booked a 270% return overnight. I decided to use those gains to follow Andrew with his earnings positioning.  For those that have read other pages on this site, you are aware that I am not a huge fan of going that route.

His results were quite impressive 9-1.  He would position the earnings play with a call fly or put fly. I went for a regular call or put at the closest strike.  I didn't play every earnings play he suggested, so my luck magnified this huge winning streak. After this super human, his earnings picks were more on the mortal scale.

His directional picks on Apple (Symbol AAPL) in the short term are right on the money.  (next)This shouldn't be surprising given his expertise in the name.  There were times when I was already in Apple options when he tweeted his prediction in Apple which was contrary to the way I wanted Apple to move and it turned out he was right every time.  The lesson is if you are in the name and he is looking for Apple to move the opposite way, close your position and get on Keene's Apple money train.

Keene tells you where he got out of a position, regardless if it was a winner or a loser. He is a disciplined trader and doesn't hold positions for that long.  I like that he isn't just throwing ideas out for the sake of hitting a daily quota of ideas.

Keene On The Market stock and option newsletter is a great value. I haven't found a published rate for the services on his website.  The subscription cost of the Keene Live Trading Room is as follows: regular price 3 months $900.00, 6 months $1,750.00, and a full year is $3,200.00.  They do run specials, but you have to contact their sales team to get the rate. His premium twitter service is a little over $100.00 per month when you commit for 3 months.

As of this writing, I have been with the service for six weeks. So far so good.

What is there not to like? Very little.  I found that when Mr. Keene traveled for in studio appearances on Bloomberg in New York, there weren't that many ideas that day. That had to do with his out of town one lap top set up being different from his Chicago office. This is really no big deal.

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