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Free Open House to Keene on the Market Trading Room June 2 - June 6,2014

I decided to do occasional updates on the different options services so you can see how the service is going.  This review covers the last ten days in February 2014 of Keene On The Market (KOTM) service.  About Andrew Keene.

Since my original review, the service does have published prices of the KOTM services and he has added a trader to the room in James Ramelli -- the resident earnings expert.  Keene's site clearly outlines the three subscription levels: silver package, premium twitter feed with email (gold package), and live trading room (platinum package).  It is important to note that unlike the other newsletter services covered on this site, the email alerts come out twice a day which means that you receive alerts after the live room and premium twitter subscribers. The premium twitter feed is different from the regular twitter feed in timing and ideas. Not all trade alerts make it to the free twitter feed and the free twitter notices always hit the stream after the premium twitter subscribers. The free twitter doesn't really cover Andrew Keene's exits. Find out how I rank the three KOTM services at the end of this article.

From late 2013 until early February 2014, Andrew offered a free Trading Tuesdays access to the room for the first 90 minutes of trading as a special promotion via youtube.  He suspended this freebie in mid February explaining "You gotta pay to play." Prior to the Trading Tuesday promotion, the KOTM service did offer a complimentary day or two full access to the room for the entire day if you spoke with a salesman.  They stopped this in 2013 citing bandwith constraints.  This very well could have been or it might have been that not enough window shoppers were translating into subscibers.

Andrew Keene covers the unusual options activity and James Ramelli is the earnings expert. You may have seen Mr. Ramelli making the rounds on CBOE TV, Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg

It is important to realize what Andrew Keene's trading room is and isn't.  The room is audio centric which allows you to hear the trades that Andrew is making in real time. You get to see the options screener he uses to sniff out unusual options activity and the Ichimoku Cloud for highlighted stocks, like Tesla, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple. He also highlights suspicious activity which I point out later in this review that he may not act on.  So Andrew might say "that is an interesting trade",  or that a trade does "not enough volume compared to open interest", or his most common reply "no thank you." The trading room gives you access to Andrew Keene and James Ramelli. You can ask them to do a scan on certain stock options, ask if a trade that hit the scanner was an opening position, look at a stock for earnings, and the like, but you can't ask for advice on a specific trade since they aren't registered advisors. There is also access to complimentary options education.

The room allows you to type questions for the moderators (Keene and Ramelli) or to the room in general.  There are times when other members of the room might say what trades they are looking at or say how many contracts they might have purchased.

This is a schedule breakdown of a typical day in Andrew Keene's live trading room (all times are central).  At 8 James Ramelli will hop on the microphone where he may talk about yesterday's trades, cover company earnings from that morning, and might ask if there are any upcoming earnings for this afternoon that they would like him to research.  At 8:25 Andrew Keene will come on to bring us into the opening bell and will stay on the mic until anywhere from 9:30 - 10:00. James Ramelli jumps on after a brief audio break and stay until 11:00.  The longest audio break of the day takes place from this point 11:00 until 1:00 where no one is on. At 1 James or Andrew will hop on for the hour and then the other will come on the mic for the last hour.  How long they stay on the mic depends on market activity and if they are scheduled to make tv appearances.  There are times that Andrew might leave the trading room at 9:15 because he has to do a CBOE interview, but if this happens James Ramelli jumps on the mic to take his place.  If it is earnings season, James might be on during most of the 2-3 hour, but Andrew does jump in for the latter part of the hour.  Please note that the timing listed above isn't a hard schedule, but provides good insight.  continued page 2


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