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If a trade happens when Andrew Keene is on live!, then he announces the trade twice and then you see it in the chat log in blue. He then copies and pastes the trade to the  premium twitter feed which you see on mobile or desktop right away. If James is on live or if the room is on "audio break" and a unusual options trade alert comes through, then you hear an electric guitar playig charge and then the trade appears in blue in the chat log for everyone to read. If Andrew is not on live for exits, then you will hear a cash register sound when he is taking profits or a car crash if he sold for a loss announcing the exiting trade.

Keene's office is located halfway between the CBOE and CME which is great for subscribers because when they have to make a tv appearance, they aren't gone that long.  

The look of the room.  The lower left hand side of the room is a chat log where members can type questions and comments and where trade alserts appear.  Scroll to the right and you see the options screener Mr. Keene uses and further right you find the cloud for stocks they are tracking.  When James Ramelli talks about earnings he will use the whiteboard to explain his reasoning for selecting his directional pick.

Another distinguishing factor with Keene on the Market is he tells you exactly how many contracts he purchases on a trade.  With the other services I highlight on this site, they don't tell you.  When I attended the Najarians' Monster for a Day, I quickly discovered I wasn't the only person that wondered how many contracts and when did these newsletter services buy those contracts. It is all laid out with KOTM.  In 2014 Andrew Keene started the trading account with $220,000 and got it to over $480,000 in two months, a rather substantial feat.

It seems that the room will catch a Najarian Halftime Report Trade of the Day once or twice a week. This works out well since a Najarian pick tends to see a pop from the broadcast.  In these options you might see an additional 15 or 20 cent pop which helps on your return since you are already in the option trade.  There isn't always a pop though and I think it depends on how much air time they get, if they say the strike and month for the trade, and which Najarian brother mentions the trade. The trading room is convinced that Doctor J has the bigger draw, but I am not sure about this.

I am convinced that the Live Trading Room is the better value even if you can't be there every day due to the timely highlights that come out in the room.  I offer two examples.  EZchip Semiconductor Ltd (EZCH). February 26 Wednesday afternoon at 2:30, Andrew Keene said that he "probably won't do another trade today." (lol) A few minutes later he was offering the room a trading tip on getting an option order filled when the bid ask spread is wider than a nickel when he picked up on the unusual options activity in Nuverra Environmental Solutions (NES) and then a couple of minutes later asked who else got in on that trade when all of a sudden dead silence interuppted by "guys, something is going on here in EZCH."  He highlighted the March 27 calls for 70 and a moment later said you might want to look at the April 30s. Andrew didn't get in the trade because it moved too fast, but there were subscribers that jumped in.  The March 27s spiked to $1.05 within three minutes and kept climbing.  They were at $2.00 before the close and some were able to sell them for $2.50 right before the close.  For those who aren't that agile on the keyboard, the April 30s took longer to get going. With over 2,700 calls being purchased in the Aprils at 3:46 (central), you could get in at 55 or 60 cents and those options went to $1.15 a couple of minutes before the close and as much as $1.35 right before the close. A regular 10 lot in the March calls netted someone in the room $1,800 profit.  There were several subscribers that purchased more than 10 calls and saw gains of 200% in less than 20 minutes in those March call options and 120% gains and more in the Aprils in the same time period. It is important to note that EZCH was down the day after and the smart play was to close the position(s) entirely in EZCH or leave just a few on and take profits on the bulk.

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